Travelling Australia since 2009 in an RV (campervan) with four kids. We are making our way slowly around Australia, sharing the photos and stories from the places we've been and experiences we've had.

About Amy and Jarrad

Travelling Australia in a campervan since 2009 with our four children aged 4, 7, 10, and 11. We are a family living on the road.
Stopping to work in rural and remote towns as we need more money, we love this lifestyle. The four kids are homeschooled as we work our way slowly around Australia.

While in Sydney


A week in Sydney  had us heading for the Sydney Opera House on the second day. We follow the … [Read more...]

Off to Sydney

Sydney Harbour

I've noticed something weird.  A five hour drive without the campervan seems a lot longer than the … [Read more...]

What to blog about?

Travel blog Central Australia

I haven't been so great at keeping this blog updated lately.  Actually, let's be honest.  I've … [Read more...]

What are we doing now?

Travel blog places the campervan has been

We were looking for work, and a great job came up for me (Amy) in Geraldton, so we headed there with … [Read more...]


Travel blog Broome

The butterflies start landing on us when we go into the alfresco dining area at Roebuck Roadhouse, … [Read more...]

Outback drive

Travel blog outback drive

"Wow!". The view approaching Tom Price is amazing. The vivid outback colors of the red soil, various … [Read more...]

Capture the Colour

Travel blog Learmonth Jetty

Capture the Colour is an internet meme selecting five different photos, each based around a … [Read more...]

The Pinnacles

Travel blog Pinnacles

The Pinnacles are another place on my list of places I must see to have gone around Australia. Huge … [Read more...]

Wineries of the South West

Travel blog Margaret River

Well, considering that we still couldn't leave the south-west as Jarrad's broken ankle makes it too … [Read more...]

Fremantle Gaol Might Even Scare The Kids Into Behaving

Travel blog Freemantle Gaol

Fremantle Gaol is just one of those places that I really want to visit. I think the "Great Escapes" … [Read more...]