Digging in the dirt for pretty stones


Susan loves pretty rocks.  Everywhere we go - she collects rocks.  At some places they really are … [Read more...]

Floating Down a Gorge in the West MacDonnell Ranges …


We all wanted to go floating along a gorge. There was a half hour walk up to the Red Bank Gorge that … [Read more...]

Alice Springs and Gemtree

edmund 6

  Peter and Susan had enjoyed noodling and were immensely proud of their finds, so we … [Read more...]

Kings Canyon


The climb to the rim of Kings Canyon seemed to just keep going up and up and up. The sign at the … [Read more...]



It was raining as we crossed the border into the Northern Territory. We were in the desert, and it … [Read more...]

From The Snow To Central

Jarrad walked through the door and I practically pounced on him, "I've just been on the internet. … [Read more...]