Capture the Colour

Travel blog Learmonth Jetty

Capture the Colour is an internet meme selecting five different photos, each based around a … [Read more...]

Diet shouldn’t stop you from travelling

susan making bread

Anyone can travel, all you need to do is...... This is the theme for this month's group writing … [Read more...]

South Australia For Families

Travel blog South Australia

Whaler's Way We thought $30 day entry permit was a bit steep. However, it turned out that an entry … [Read more...]

Living Without…

family travel blog Australia driving drives car

"Living without..." that's the topic of this month's group writing project over at "Families on the … [Read more...]

What does a travelling Dad look like?

5_travelling family olgas

What does a travelling Dad look like?  Drew Gilbert asked this question across at Almost Fearless, … [Read more...]

5 Essential and 5 Useless Items We Carry

family travel blog Australia outback

We've obviously got limited space and weight, so we'd like to think we only have things that we … [Read more...]

Making The campervan Home

We picked up the campervan in September 2009 -- a brand new, custom-built campervan. We were so proud … [Read more...]

Travelling With Four Kids … under 10?

We weren't planning on heading out when we did. We were going to wait. We were going to wait for … [Read more...]

Finding Friends On The Road

Afterschool activities, homeschool get-togethers, and coffee with friends while the kids played were … [Read more...]



We already homeschooled before we started to travel, so our kids have always had the same teacher -- … [Read more...]